Here is a list of some of the services offered at  WHWD.  Contact us for anything that you need help with and see what WHWD can help you with to bring your website up to speed.

New Site Design

Do you need a brand new site?  I can help you discover what you need and work with you to give you the site you want!

I follow processes to involve you in the steps to produce your website, ensuring that you are satisfied with the end product!

Redesign Existing Site

You have a site, but it needs to be freshened up. 

I will work with you to redesign and rebuild your site to make it look fresh and up-to-date!


Are you trying to build your site yourself but need help? 

I can help to walk you through what you need, and help you where you need it.

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Additional Services Available

In addition to development services, I offeroptions to maintain your site and provide hosting.

Care Plan

Care plans are a must when you have a website.  Your website is an investment, and the care plan is a simple way to protect that investment with regular backups, scans to make sure the site is secure, and extras to continue to build your site and your brand.

Check out the care plans available at WHWD.

Hosting Setup

Don't have a host, or don't want to deal with the issues of setting up the host of your website?

I can take care of setting up the hosting that you need for your website, allowing you to take care of your business needs.

SSL Certificate

Every website needs to have an SSL certificate in order to rank on Google and your site can be found on search engines.

SSL Certificates are installed on every site!

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